Dehumanation (dehumanation) wrote,

Well, it's been ages since I updated this thing, so I thought I'd make a quick post to let everyone know what's happening with the new material. Lacking any methods for breaking down the rather lengthy second composition I'd begun working on after I was satisified with the aforementioned "50 Lashes", I began to approach it from a different angle and realized that two of its central themes were present and summarized in "50 Lashes".

The length grew by about 6 minutes once I began to experiment with some fugual ideas, and before I knew it I had to break it all down into four distinct parts.

The first section introduces the beginning of the theme without announcing that there will be a follow-up, which is nice. The next two sections explore an exhausting progression based on that theme, a la Anthems... era Emperor. I put an abbreviation of Dmitri Shostakovich's name to use musically (in German, the note progression is DSCH, to us English speakers that's E flat, D, C, B), thus ripping off a dead guy with great success because his notes totally fit the progression. Then to top it off I ended the third section by quoting myself, using synthesized strings to play a melody I also use on electric guitar in the first section. So we have an opening melody that introduces you to the theme, then a cycle of confusing variations on a theme based on the next note up from the original melody's root note on the natural major scale... which leads back to the original theme only played on a completely different instrument. So not only have I used serialization in four parts (rather than the conventional three or five), and used serialization in death/black/industrial metal (which is unheard of), I have also successfully used a natural major progression in dark-sounding, heavy music. That's breaking three rules all at once.

Of course after the intial three songs it finishes itself off with "50 Lashes" by summing the entire 11 minute mess in less than three minutes. So you not only get the melody, you get every possible related variation that came to mind over the course of the seven-odd weeks I worked on it. Exhaustive? Yes. Boring? For most. But totally worth it to me because it was a blast.

So, yeah, things are in progress and I look forward to offering up something new soon...

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